Monday, December 21, 2009

barbie's new wardrobe

The girls are entering the Barbie phase. Finally, I get to make clothes for them!
These are from a vintage pattern one of my quilting friends gave me. It dates to my childhood.
This combo is for Trixie.

And this one is for Ellie.

Trixie specifically asked for pajamas for her Barbie.
These were made with a vintage dotted swiss and a reissued Vintage Vogue pattern:

That teeny yoke has a lining. Gah. I hope the Barbies like these pj's because they aren't getting another pair.
(There are snaps hidden under the plackets on both the pj's and the dresses. I'm not crazy enough to attempt buttonholes that small.)
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Robin said...

What wonderful clothes for Barbie. You are creating wonderful memories. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wendy!
This is a bit too much for me.
I think I am going to buy myself a Barbie and play with it ... if you promise to make a wardrobe for me!!!
You are truly amazingly gifted.

ree said...

And yet, you are crazy enough to sew buttons on that are that small?

If you can see me way over here in Ann Arbor, I'm giving you a standing O.

Carol said...

these clothes are crazy cute, and I would have flipped for these in 1974!