Friday, November 6, 2009

bag o' badges

Have you seen the American Express commercials with the frowns and smiles?
I picked up this bag on the Target clearance rack this past weekend. (It's from the Converse One Star line.)
Shouldn't it have its own spot in one of those ads?
Now it's happy.

Now it's fit for a grown up who's still a girl scout at heart.

Small bits of hand sewing like this are all I've been up for lately.

I promise not to wear it with the skirt.
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Carol said...

Ha! I like those ads too. Love this bag. It is ripe for embellishment.


Trish said...

I'm going to every store in the DFW area hoping I can find another! I have serious purse envy.

jacquie said...

had a little time to catch up on my blog reading this weekend...had to comment on this one. i LOVE that commercial and now i see faces everywhere. this is perfect! hope all is well!