Saturday, November 7, 2009

the kids

A week late, but here's Halloween:
Ellie went as a character she created for her comic book, "Super Kitty".
This was the final costume choice after many, many other ideas. It started with Princess Leia about a month ago. I was thrilled - I already had a pattern from when Glenn was Obi Wan Kenobi, she had the perfect hair for the buns, and I could make Trixie an ewok suit (no one loves a theme more than me). As soon as I showed her the pattern, she informed me that was not the Princess Leia she wanted. No, she wanted to be the bikini-clad, Jabba the Hut's slave version of Princess Leia. Over my dead body. I rejected several other inappropriate choices before we both agreed on this one. I made sure to pick a sparkly fabric for the cape to appease her a bit. I also love the mask, which I'm certain my mother wore to a costume party in the 60's.
The first letters I drew for the "SK!" on the back were rejected. She was quite clear that they needed to have VERY POINTY ends.

Trixie got this number as a birthday present. There's really no topping spandex and tulle.

I realized that this is the first year I didn't get a photo of Glenn (or force him to take one with his sisters) before he took off with his friends. He did the bare minimum that would still get him candy - a werewolf mask with his regular clothes.

One for the kids, one for mom, one for the kids, one for mom...
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Friday, November 6, 2009

bag o' badges

Have you seen the American Express commercials with the frowns and smiles?
I picked up this bag on the Target clearance rack this past weekend. (It's from the Converse One Star line.)
Shouldn't it have its own spot in one of those ads?
Now it's happy.

Now it's fit for a grown up who's still a girl scout at heart.

Small bits of hand sewing like this are all I've been up for lately.

I promise not to wear it with the skirt.
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

thrifty thursday

This treasure was found last spring. I moved it directly into the basement studio and promptly forgot to take pictures of it. When I would remember, it was always evening and the light down there is bad enough during the day...
Forgive the poor picture quality, but here she is.
A White sewing machine in the cabinet from the late 30's.
It's hard to see, but the foot pedal is actually a knee controlled pedal that's mounted on the right side of the cabinet.
The machine looks like sculpture to me. I love the light and the shape of the stitch regulator. (Which would also be a great screen name.)

When the machine is set up, the top portion of the desk opens up, adding counter space to the left and right. It splits where the left sides of the drawers are.

These are the attachments that came with the machine. (I have them sitting on some leftover foam to keep them from rolling around each time I open the drawer.)
The original instruction manuals were in there too. I also bought this book recently and hope it will prove invaluable with tips on how to use all this stuff.

It runs, but I need to have a technician come out and service it as well as replace the cords which have dry rot. Until that happens, I'm not too comfortable having it plugged into the wall.
I thought I'd put this one up today because I'm finally getting my sewing mojo back after not feeling well for about a month. Next week Chris and I head to NYC to visit my brother-in-law and his girlfriend, B. We'll also get to see with blackbird and K. A stop at Purl Patchwork and my other favorite haunts should have me inspired and raring to sew when I get home.
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