Wednesday, February 3, 2010

green tea on a cold day

I'm done with winter. Unfortunately, it's not done with me.
My studio is in the basement which is a nice, cool place to be in the summer months. Right about now though - I almost dread heading down there to sew because of the bone chilling cold. And it's taking its toll on me.
The past few weeks have been spent doing a lot of handwork upstairs with a minimum of sewing at my machine. When something has to be done down there, I've been saving it for a day that's at least in the 20's. Then I run upstairs to make more tea when I'm finished.
Now I have this little cutie sitting on my spice canisters to greet me when I reach for some earl grey. She's from the Softies book. The only change I made to her is on the tag. It reads "cha" or tea in Chinese.
Maybe I should make a stuffed sun.
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Poppy Buxom said...

OMG that's adorable! (I'll have to show it to Mr. Buxom. He's a green tea drinker who's studying Mandarin.)

abcgirl said...

i love this little tea bag! so cute!

Rebekah said...

adorable! It makes me want a cup of tea right now

Trish said...

Come's a balmy 50! And I miss you!