Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I took a quick trip to Mitsua with a friend for lunch and some time in their bookstore a few weeks ago.
This title grabbed my attention -
It's English translation on the spine is "Let's Make School Bags & Goods!"
Okay, don't mind if I do.

Can you tell I bought the book for the pattern on the cover? Trixie needed a new thin tote to carry her piano book to lessons. She loves dogs as much as Ellie loves cats.
I loved the details in the pattern like the buckle embroidery.

All the materials were in the stash from thrifting over the years. I love the old white buttons. They had centers that were deep enough to hide the shanks on the grey buttons.
I didn't vary one bit from the pattern other than color. I've learned that when a child sees a pattern in a book, they expect it to look a lot like that picture and if I vary it, I'm accused of not making the item to which they agreed. We made one concession though - Trixie requested pink, "My new favorite color, mom. Pink, not purple. Don't forget that, it's pink now."
This was a fun little sewing reward for completing my common threads quilt top from round one! Tomorrow it's back to my common threads commitments. The quilt needs to be sandwiched and I have some block challenges that need my attention.
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Harriet said...

So cute. I love Mitsuwa (and it doesn't hurt that it's so close to the Eileen Fisher outlet)

Rebekah said...

so so sweet! If that's not motivation to practice the piano, I don't know what is!