Monday, July 21, 2008

home again

Where to even begin? I've sat and stared at this screen for over half an hour and can't figure out what I want to say. I think some of it is complete exhaustion and some is almost disbelief that I was gone for 5 days in the company of 4 wonderful friends.

So tonight, I'll just say thanks - to the girls and to the bird family.

Last week, when I didn't have time to post, I wasn't just packing and cleaning. I was finishing up this.

An apron for my dear hostess. I'll post a tutorial soon on how I did the embroidery on the front. It reverses to some pieced strips of fabric that remind me very much of its new owner. Mr. Bird got an apron of his own. A replica of one I made for Chris since they're the same height. However, I just tried to link to it and realized I never posted that one nor did I take a picture of the one I just made. Oops.

The youngest bird got a little something for allowing his room to be turned into a girls' dorm.

-Wind up sushi with some felt grass. The container held my lunch a few days prior. (The sushi toys were bought at Wal-Mart.)

A little scrapbook paper tied it all together.
The rubber stamp image says it all.
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Little Miss Sunshine State said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful time! And you are a lovely houseguest. The apron is so cool and the wind-up sushi ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

The sushi is brilliant!

Carol said...

I think Poppy has photos on her blog.

love that silverware embroidery and the sushi too.

blackbird said...

Am considering wearing the apron 24/7.
We could not have had more fun!

(heard you re-visited all those stores! gah!)

Badger said...

They have wind-up sushi at Wal-Mart? Crap! I was just there today! That's what I get for not reading blogs first.

Rebekah C said...

that sushi is awesome!