Wednesday, July 23, 2008

machine embroidery tutorial

I'm loving how the embroidery turned out on blackbird's apron. I have a feeling this idea will be showing up again around these parts because it was so easy to do. If you're interested, follow along:
1. Sketch out a design that you like on some scrap paper.
2. Trace that design onto some tear away stabilizer - remember to reverse the image if there's writing or you want the motif facing a particular way.
3. Lay the stabilizer in place on the wrong side of your fabric - I use basting spray, but pins will work just as well.

4. Free motion stitch on all of your lines - GO SLOWLY!
Things I like to do/use:
On my machine there's a stitch that goes over each individual stitch three times(forward, back and forward again) - that's the one I use.
I use an open toe embroidery foot so I can see exactly where my needle is going.
I lengthen or shorten the stitch based on the look and size of the design.
The needle used is whatever was left in the machine from the last project.
The thread is basic stuff, the stitch going over it three times makes it stand out.
If you have the option, put your machine in the "needle down" position.

5. I didn't remember to do this, but I will in the future - pull all the top thread tails through to the back and tie them off rather than backstiching. You can see where the backstitching built up on the spatula. It annoys me everytime I look at it.

6. Carefully remove the stabilizer. It helps to put your nail on the stitching as you tear the stablilizer so the stitches don't get distorted.
7. Realize that you need another line of stitching on the spoon after removing all stablizer and slap another piece on to do that before calling it a day.
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Tuli said...

Fantastic apron! I totally want to try this - but I'll have to embroider by hand. Which will be fun because, hello, CRAFTINESS!

Thanks for commenting on Defective Typewriter!

Blackbird told me about your fabulous and out-fit coordinating Vera Bradley bags! I'm totally asking for one for my birthday. :)

Rebekah C said...

cool apron! I will have to try this out...I've never tried drawing something with my machine before.