Wednesday, July 9, 2008

pom pom maker

Some people buy tee shirts on vacation. Some buy postcards. I bought this:

Sadly, this was my first attempt. Pathetic looking.

Round 2 worked a little better, but it was still hard to tie the center tightly. It's also still not as full as I would want.

The center of this flower is attempt number three. For this one I actually separated the 4ply wool before winding it on the pom pom maker. Can you say tedious? (This is what I'll resort to after hour 12 or so of driving to keep myself occupied.) It did turn out looking closer to a store bought pom pom, but I doubt I'll have the patience to do it again. I think the key is winding as much yarn as you need, and then adding even more. Otherwise they look pretty anemic.

I need to add a few felt leaves to this and it'll have a home on one of Ellie's jackets.

*I've seen these makers in larger sizes at Hobby Lobby since I've been home.


Anonymous said...

So do you collect crafting supplies from all 50 states and around the world? :-)

MsCellania said...

Geesh, this stuff is all wonderful. And here I am, with 2 BOYS who like plain, please.
Next time I come to Chicago, we are going straight to your house for wind-down and covetous gazing. Your craft room alone almost makes me swoon. I can't imagine getting to actually FEEL all these lovely things you make.

Jacquie said...

These are so cute. I can imagine all sorts of uses for them. I would like one on my pink sweater!