Saturday, July 25, 2009

blogher 09 swag

Some people hand out totes with their logo or magnets for the fridge. I'm bringing in frappacino cosies for my roomies.
Blackbird commissioned one to fit her summer drink cup after I made one for her cold weather coffees. (These fit a Starbucks Grande plastic cup, per her request.)
I love how the selvage edge of the linen looks. Not sure on the button for her though - might be a bit flashy. I'm bringing some other options with just in case.
Too obvious? I hope not.

While I was at it, Susie Sunshine got her own as well. She's the first to benefit from my new collection of vintage scraps. They're so cheerful - like her. The buttons were hard to part with, but the pinks were a perfect match.

And the back of hers.

If you spot us on Michigan Ave. this weekend with our frappacinos, say "hello".
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Kristin said...

Love the cosies. Thinking you should open a shop with all your great projects...or at least start accepting orders from me :)

I was going to talk to you about how I want to make a quilt for the little one but I'm freaked out by the prospect at BlogHer but completely forgot to mention it...maybe next time.

blackbird said...