Friday, March 19, 2010

dedication gown

Spring cleaning has begun around here. That means going through the girls' closets to put away the dark, long-sleeved dresses and start bringing out the brighter, short-sleeved ones (even if it means layering them with long-sleeved tee shirts). In the back of Trixie's closet I found this:
It's the gown I made for all three kids' dedication ceremonies. I suppose with the last ceremony being nearly 4 years ago, I can safely store it with their other clothes that I can't bear to give away.
This was my first and last attempt at hand smocking. An easy pattern, but plenty of a challenge for a beginner. I wanted something simple that would be appropriate for both boys and girls since I was making it for Glenn, but had no idea if we'd have more sons or daughters. The sleeves gather with a cotton drawstring. The back has two shank pearl buttons with elastic loops.

The fabric is batiste - incredibly soft, though sheer enough that I put all three kids in a white cotton sleeper underneath. Plus, all three were dedicated in colder months. After each service, I embroidered their initials near the hem.

This weekend Glenn, Chris and I will be attending the Bar Mitzvah of a friend's son born just a few months before Glenn. Hard to believe that this gown is close to 13 years old. I could swear that both boys were still into dump trucks just yesterday.
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blackbird said...

Sweetly beautiful.

Paola said...

I can only second Bb and add that the fact that you used it for all three and added each monogram makes it even more precious.

annemarie said...

This is so very pretty and what a keepsake - the initials make it even more special. The smocking is so pretty - something I have always to try but have not yet done so. I am sure this gown will be passed down to your grandchildren someday.

jacquie said...

gorgeous, wendy and such a sweet memory.

Rebekah said...

this is gorgeous! What an amazing keepsake. I love how you added their initials to the back