Saturday, March 6, 2010


Several days ago Jan asked what we worked on during the Olympics.
Jan, great minds must think alike. Among some other embroidery projects, these hand pieced hexagons have taken over my life.
They were purchased last year at the garage sale. I brought home a box of antique UFO's and among them were these hexagon diamond blocks.

A few were finished, but most were not. I started with the ones that had the centers and next round done. You know, sort of a quick fix to feel like I'd accomplished something. After that came the ones where I had to sew the individual hexies together and then put them on the block in a row. Took a little longer, but it's amazing what you can do when figure skating's on.

I wish I could say that these are done with the precision of Jan's English piecing (I think that's the method she's using). That's one drawback to picking up on a project where someone else has left off. These were done in a more haphazard way. None of the seams are exactly 1/4". They aren't pressed in any order that I could make sense of. Some of the hexagons are slightly larger or smaller than the others. It's definitely a make do project. Nothing a steam iron can't fix, I'm finding.

I'm nearing the end of them. I have about 3 more blocks to go and then I can start assembling them. (There are actually more that I didn't photograph. In the end I think I'll have about 20.) The best route to go seems to applique them onto a background fabric - more handwork and the summer olympics are two years away.
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Kiwi Lindsay said...

Have you been talking with my quilting friends Paula and Sue and April?

They're CONVINCED I need to make an antique hexagon (dolls pram) quilt, for a recent dolls pram acquisition.

Since they started on this, hexagon quilts are EVERY direction I turn; much to thier amusement.

I think I'll keep this blog post quiet from them...

Thanks for all the OTHER inspiration though.