Thursday, April 29, 2010

thrifty thursday

A few new additions to my vintage apron collection.
I'll never tire of gingham.
And ric rac. I cannot stand how cute it looks sew on that way.

This one's a sheer little number with lilac polka dots.

Hand finished trim on the pocket.

I've really got to come up with a way to display these. Right now, even though I use many of them, they primarly live in a drawer. Seems a crime to hide them.
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shannon said...

hi wendy!

i have an idea for displaying your vintage aprons:

you could drape a study cord/stringribbon along a wall from two small screws (think laundry line) and hang the aprons from it with clothespins....that way you could change them out for the seasons...

*shrug* just my immediate thought after reading your post...


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annemarie said...

I love Shannon's idea - your aprons are fantastic. The first thing I ever made was a green and white gingham apron with white ric rack. I still have it - such memories from so many years ago. I love the way that rick rack was sewn on - must try to duplicate that.