Friday, April 30, 2010

cath kidston purse

Just before I went handwork crazy with all those hexagons I got this book for my birthday.
Fun projects and great pictures, but the best part - it comes with PRECUT pieces for making the purse on the cover. PRECUT! Ready to sew. How wonderful is that?

Talk about a quick way to have a sense of accomplishment. I love to sew - I hate to do the prep work (kind of like painting a room). I did add a lining to the bag to give it more structure and included a zippered pocket, but still, the rest was already cut out!

Now if only all the garment projects I have in the wings would magically prep themselves for sewing. I need some elves to come visit me.
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annemarie said...

Wow - love that bag. I have always loved Cath Kidson - wish she had a store in the US.

Badger said...

Awesome! I'm with you on hating the prep. I hate it so much that it's why I only sew about twice a year!

Paola said...

I am curious ... is there anything you can't do?!?