Sunday, May 2, 2010

the kids

We've had a big weekend around here. After a year of preparation and a lot of hard work, Glenn came of age at our church this morning.
He read his faith statement before the congregation as did the rest of his class. I'm amazed at what all of them put into these statements and how each one was such a clear reflection of who that child is as a person. From what we can tell, Glenn is a bit of an existentialist.
His Godfather, hero and style icon, Uncle Monkey, came in from out of state for the occasion. I know he'll check in here at some point this week and I want him to know that his presence meant the world to Glenn.

Family and friends headed back to our house for some lunch, cupcakes and good conversation.

We're incredibly proud of him.
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annemarie said...

What a handsome boy - you can be proud of him!!

Paola said...

Congratulations (I'm late...)

blackbird said...

Please tell him that the Unitarians over here are proud of him too.