Thursday, May 13, 2010

thrifty thursday

How does that line from The Godfather go? "Just when I got out, they pulled me back in." Or something like that.
Last week I sat at the table in my quilting group and was quietly working on my baby hexagons (maybe a progress update tomorrow) when Bernice walked up to me and asked if I was sick of the hexagons yet.

I said, "Just about". She replied that she had something I might be interested in.

So yes, I've bought another hexagon project (and this one's huge).

I didn't count how many there were total, but these are much larger than the other hexagons I've worked with and I imagine when they are all put together (there are pieces in ziploc baggies for about 30 more) there will be enough for a bed quilt.
I'm posting these now, but don't count on this project getting touched anytime this year. I've discovered that yes, I am a bit sick of them for the time being.
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Rebekah said...

so pretty! I love that orange/green floral in the last photo, bottom left