Friday, May 7, 2010

cleopatra's table linens

Okay, not really Cleopatra. They were made for my friend, Norma. She's had the fabric for ages. It was given to her by an older aunt that worked for the state department and traveled the world collecting mementos of her adventures. This fabric was brought back from Egypt in the 70's.
Not sure what to do with it, she showed it to me on a visit to her home several months ago. We agreed that since Norma and her husband do a lot of entertaining, napkins and a table runner would certainly be put to use. With a runner and 10 napkins, they'd even be great for an outdoor buffet. The colors and print just say summer deck party to me.
Now I need to use this post as a reminder to go through my stash and make up some more cloth napkins to replace the ones we've recently worn out.
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