Monday, April 19, 2010

why i've gone missing

Nothing dramatic. No problems here. Just life - spring break, family stuff. It's so easy to just get out and enjoy the sun and warmth and forget all about the computer. I'll try to catch up on the kids' lives for family this week. For my quilting friends, I've managed a few more blocks and I'll post those soon as well.
With spring's arrival, I'm spending more time outdoors with the kids and need some handwork to keep me occupied. (I also think my local quilting group - many of whom hand quilt - has rubbed off on me.) I decided to continue working on those hexagon diamonds I posted a while ago. I love working on this project, but because it's all done by hand and takes so much more time than machine work, I simply don't have as much to post each week.
This is the design wall in my studio with some of the hexagons in my final arrangement. You'll notice it looks like many are missing.
That's because they're here:

I'm hand appliquing each diamond onto white fabric. Because the hexagons were sewn partially by another woman, I was somewhat forced to continue assembling them in the same way. The seams are a bit wonky and none are exactly 1/4". A steam iron and starch did wonders for getting the diamonds to behave and lay flat, but there's just no way they'd all go together neatly with one another. Nor would making a path of hexagons between them work.

So hand applique it is. I've wanted to try a new skill and this is definitely giving me practice. At this writing I have about 7 more to add. Each one takes me about 45 minutes - I'm new, I'm slow. I'm trying not to think too much about how long this project is going to take to finish.
-Especially since I feel I should finish it with hand quilting.
Later in the week, I'll post another related project. I'm a little hexie crazy right now.
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annemarie said...

I am glad all is well - I was worried about you! The hexagons are absolutely beautiful - something I must learn to make.

Amber said...

It's absolutely gorgeous - wow! And I haven't gone missing with your March block...I'm working on it now!

Paola said...

Missed you AND your lovely works.

Poppy Buxom said...

I love how you're arranging all the colors--lovely!

Word verification is "diggim." I do!