Tuesday, December 16, 2008

kimono pjs and cutie booties

More models to share with you.

This one is the kimono pj's and cutie booties from Little Stitches for Little Ones by Amy Butler. Cute book with great projects, but most are relevant only for kids under 12 months.

I think there's a possibility I could redraft this pattern in a larger size to fit Trixie. Goes together quickly if you use a bias tape maker. (The 1"/25mm size was used for the trim on the top.) She also gives good instructions on how to make your own bias tape in the general instructions. Easy to follow if you've never done it before.

All the bias trim was sewn on using an edgestitching foot (Bernina #10). I sew it to the wrong side first so I can do the final stitching on the front where I want it to look perfect. (Yes, you can try to just sandwich the fabric in the bias and sew it in one pass, but I've yet to do this without slipping off at some point and it looks ghastly. Then it's a pain to correct. By the time I've ripped it out and fixed the problem I could have done it the "right" way and not been frustrated.)

I finished these up and just sat and thought about how teeny the kids' feet used to be.

They look a bit harder than they actually are to construct. You just have to sew through a lot of layers and the cutting of all the pieces for this takes as long as the sewing. I think I've figured out a few tricks for making the hand sewing of the lining's sole a bit easier for when I teach it.

I almost want to make a pair I can just stare at here at home.

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One Reader said...

Those are so cute. I love the fabrics you chose.

blackbird said...

I need that entire outfit. In MY size.

Rebekah said...

man, everything looks so cute in baby size. This outfit is so adorable! And I'm kicking myself for not looking at this book at the bookstore this afternoon!

amy said...

OH MY, that is one gorgeous baby outfit! I'm with Blackbird, I want it in my size! ;-) Love it!

fronie said...

I am having so much trouble making these booties! When I follow the directions in the book, the opening turns out way too small. Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong? Thanks.

Wendy said...


Please email me with more details of the trouble you're having. I can't reach you through your profile.