Tuesday, December 30, 2008

gifts for the kids

It's getting harder and harder to come up with things I can sew for Glenn. This was the only last minute thing I made this year, mainly because the idea didn't come to me until a couple of days before Christmas, but it went together quickly. Basically, it's a bedside organizer that attaches to the upper rail of his loft. (You can see bits of his unmade bed in the background.)

The main pocket is large enough for a magazine or book. The two gusseted pockets are meant for his glasses and nintendo DS. The plaid pocket on top was made by sewing two strips of ribbon together to be deep enough to hold his ipod. It passed the likability test with him. We'll see if it keeps his stuff any more organized. I won't hold my breath.

Trixie got an apron that matches this one. I realized that I'd cut the pieces for both over 4 years ago. I remembered thinking that it would be big on Ellie, but I should size ahead to give me time to make it. And now it belongs to her little sister. (Don't tell.)

It came in handy for her newest interest - washing dishes.

She also got a set of her own puppy lunch napkins from some scraps I had. There's been more than one battle over the cat ones I made for Ellie.

I'm hoping to have all the artwork hung in Ellie's room tomorrow so I can take pictures and post her big gift.

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love the apron! And that organizer is a really great idea for a hard-to-sew-for person