Wednesday, October 15, 2008

hi-ho the derry-o

I feel like the farmer in the dell's wife when I put this apron on, but I still love all the detailing in it. This is another project I finished up over the last few weeks that had sat in a UFO pile for at least two years. I think I realized I didn't have enough fabric for the ties, nor enough bias tape on hand. There's also a matching apron that had been cut out to fit Ellie, but will probably fit Trixie better at this late date.

The tie situation was remedied with some white muslin. A look through some recently thrifted bias tapes took care of that problem.

The pattern is a mother/daughter set from Simplicity #4692.
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blackbird said...

Gosh, you are cute as a DAMN BUTTON.

Susie Sunshine said...


Rebekah said...

so adorable!

MsCellania said...

Loves it!
I have a pile of aprons cut out to sew. I'm making them reversible - they are Christmas gifts. This one would be really cute for a wonderful friend with 2 little girls. 3 kids under 5. Oy. This woman deserves a handmade goodie. I was helping her load up the car today and was worn out afterwards. All 3 children were screaming their heads off! Ei Yi Yi. I had forgotten about 'those days'.

Patty said...

It's so cute and I love your shoes too!