Wednesday, October 22, 2008

spooky party games

Party time again!
Our version of bobbing for apples(without the nasty slobbering in a bucket of water).
Wrap the Mummy
Give each pair of kids a roll of toilet paper and let them go. We didn't really have any rules of how you won. I just gave everyone some candy for their bag after they were done laughing.
Pin the Tail on the Black Cat
Ellie drew the cat and cut out the tails for this one. All the tails were remarkably close to hind end of the cat. I think I had a bunch of cheaters on my hands.

The start of the scavenger hunt. They had a blast with this one running all over the yards looking for the hidden clues. The last one led them to a bag filled with the flashlight prizes.

We also had a dress up relay race. The kids were in two teams- each having a bin of dress ups they had to run to, grab one item, put it on, and return to their line and tag the next person. First team to empty their bin won. The boys who wound up putting on the hula skirts and floaty scarves got the most giggles. No pictures of that one because I didn't think to ask other parents if I could post their kids' faces.
Now I need to get ready for Trixie's dress up party this week. Far more low key - just three little friends coming over for a little make believe fun, hot pumpkin and pin the tail on the black cat. If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll cut their little sandwiches with the Halloween cookie cutters.
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