Monday, October 6, 2008

thumbellina's quilt

I was just thumbing through the September issue of Home Companion a few weeks ago - avoiding some sewing that was piling up. Their Top Stitch section popped out at me. An artist/quilter named Virginia Cole was featured. She works in miniature quilts and I'm not talking doll size here. Her work is mounted on vintage postcards that she embellishes with bits and pieces as well as her quilted art.
You know what happened next...
I included the tea bag for scale. Yes, it's a regular size tea bag. The 70 blocks are 1/4". I started with 3/4" pieces and used a standard 1/4" seam allowance. Vintage bias tape binds it to a cotton fabric backing. I did some hand quilting, but was really unhappy with how it looked. I either used a thread that was too thick or didn't space the stitches properly. Whatever the case was, they had to go. I like it better without them.

Now I'm reluctant to throw even the tiniest scraps away.
Edited to add: Check out the comments section for a link to Virginia Cole's website at Galloping Pony Studio. You won't believe the gorgeous miniatures done by her and her students.
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jacquie said...

oh me, oh my! i can't even imagine.

MsCellania said...

Ok, I'm drawing the line here.
I could not even SEE them to sew them!
Never know what I'm going to see when I click on your link! Fun!

galloping pony said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my miniature quilt art...they are fun and somewhat addicting. Love the photo of your 1/4" squares and that you put something in the picture for size reference. Have fun!

Rebekah said...

so tiny and so cute! love it :)

Susie Sunshine said...

I can already envision the twee quilts gracing the beds of Ellie's dollhouse that will match the fabrics of HER quilt.