Thursday, October 30, 2008

thrifty thursday

More garage sale goodness!
The feedsacks may have been the find of my lifetime, but the following would probably count as the bargain of my lifetime. I didn't have any idea what I had until I got home.
It started with seeing a box filled with ziplock bags marked "scrap bags - $1.00". My eye was drawn to one motif showing through the plastic, the bicycle in the fabric just below. I threw it in my pile figuring I liked the bike enough to pay a dollar to applique it to something even if there wasn't another thing in the bag of interest to me.
When I got home and opened it up I found plenty of the fabric I'd liked with even more motifs that were hidden by folds.
This was tucked in the bag as well, though I hardly call over a yard of fabric a scrap. There's also a 3 yd cut of vintage blue calico that I've forgotten to photograph.

One by one, these began spilling out - all precut by someone and all appear to be vintage. I imagine someone had a quilt top in mind. These were mostly blues-

While this group had other colors in the mix as well as a few other sizes.

I think I'll honor that original idea and sew them into a quilt as a Christmas present to myself. Not bad for a dollar.
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Tuli said...

I am DROOLING over here!


jacquie said...

best dollar you ever spent! amazing.

Rebekah said...

what a great haul! I love the big wheeled bike fabric :)

Diane said...

Wow, you hit the motherload at that sale.