Tuesday, October 28, 2008

countdown to halloween quilt

Will someone please tell me what happened to October? Between doing costumes for the show Glenn is involved in, Halloween costumes for the girls, two birthday/Halloween parties, preparing models for the next round of classes at the shop, sewing for the shop's open house... Uncle!
I'm still squeezing in time to sew things I want to make, in addition to what I'm supposed to make, but I can't seem to find a good time to check other blogs I like to follow or even keep up with e-mail. Even sewing has become a last minute type of activity around here. I'd cut out the pieces for this quilt in early September, hoping it would be ready by the beginning of October. Hah. It's almost funny to think how optimistic I was when cutting all those little squares.
The pattern is from Simple Fabric Folding for Halloween by Liz Aneloski (C&T Publishing). I've adjusted the pattern to include 30 pockets instead of the 25 she included. Thirty just makes more sense to me with there being 31 days in the month.
The finished size is about 16X36. The spiderweb is a tight machine satin stitch in metallic silver thread. I even used a piece of fabric from the garage sale to back the whole thing. This is part of my effort to keep her unused stash from becoming my unused stash.
The orange squares above are actually folded pieces of fabric with eyelets at the points. The points hang loose from the quilt so you can do this:
How cute is that? Obviously, this didn't get done in time for a Halloween countdown. Instead, I used it at Trixie's spooky birthday party last Thursday for game prizes.
Need proof this was last minute? Look carefully at the top. Isn't everyone using binder clips to hang their quilts these days?
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