Friday, October 10, 2008

yo-yo puppy

As I mentioned yesterday, Ellie is getting a big Christmas surprise this year. In an effort to take the pressure off with other gifts, I'm starting to put away handmade items for the other two(though I have no idea what I'm making Glenn this year.). This puppy was orginally started a year ago with Ellie and I working on it together. However, I seriously overestimated her attention span for something like this. I think she made 3 yo-yos before bailing out on me. The idea had been that she'd give it to Trixie as a gift from her. When Christmas came and went, I figured it would work for Trixie's birthday - in August. No amount of coaxing could interest Ellie to start up again. (I say coaxing, but some threats may have been involved.)
Now it's going to be a present from me.
I wish I could take credit for putting the fabrics together, but I bought them as a fat quarter set from the shop.

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Rebekah said...

so cute! I really need to dig out my yo yo maker that's been sitting in my drawer for a year and try some of your adorable yo yo projects :)

amy said...

That dog is darn festive! Very cute! I can relate on the attention span--my daughter was enthusiastic about making a scarf for her granny a while ago. Yeah, um, five or six knitted rows were completed. Now she wants to make mittens. I don't think I'm in the mood to make mittens right now.

Craftypiggie said...

how cute so darling check out my yoyo animals at i have a few of clovers there too

wonderful job
hugs kat

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a cute puppy - love the fabrics and colours. A great use for yo yo's! Love the head boards you have for your daughters bedroom - just lovely. Doing up a little girls room is so much fun!

heather jane said...

Looks like I already found another project I need to cute! My 2 little girls will love these, and I have a vintage scrap savers pattern book with several other animals I have been meaning to make as well. Thanks for the reminder!!