Friday, October 24, 2008

school days dress

What to do when I have a perfectly good onesie shirt that doesn't work on a potty trained child and a dress with ruined buttonholes on the bodice? Sew them together.
I got to use more of my favorite buttons too.

Ages ago, someone asked me how I put buttons on by machine and I never got around to posting it before. It's really easy. First, you need to drop the feed dogs on your machine so the fabric doesn't advance as you sew them on. I use an open embroidery foot so I can see the button better, like below.

Put the button under the foot. If it slips a bit, I use a dab of glue from a glue stick on the bottom of the button to give it a little hold on the fabric. Change the stitch to a zig zag - test the width by turning the flywheel by hand. When it's set so the needle goes in the holes on opposite swings, you're ready. Now just sew about 10 stitches. You can either clip the threads close or draw the top thread through to the back and tie them off (the more secure option). This method works well for buttons that are purely decorative. When I'm sewing buttons on by machine that need to work on a blouse, I use another foot that has a pin in the center that gives some extra play in the thread so the fabric on the side with the buttonholes will fit easily under the button. Next time I need to use it, I'll try to take a few pictures.
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Rebekah said...

that chalkboard button is so adorable! Thanks for the button sewing tips. I sew on buttons so rarely that I always have to pull out my manual for a little refresher :)