Thursday, October 23, 2008

thrifty thursday - part 1

Perhaps I should title this one "the mother of all garage sales".
Word went out to my quilting group (and other guilds in the area) that an area quilter had passed away and her family was selling off the stash. I thought I might find a few pieces of fabric and headed out last Friday morning with Trixie. (To make sure I had plenty of time to look, I brought her stroller and a portable DVD player for her. Worked like a charm and I have no idea why it took me so long to think of doing that.) Anyway, I cannot begin to describe what was being sold. In fact, I won't even try. Let's just say I won't be thrifting for awhile because I came home with so much stuff (and returned two more times) that I could sew for the entire year with my new treasures. I'll be posting the finds for the next month's worth of thrifty thursdays.
She had a huge selection of 30's reproduction prints that I was drawn to. The daugher noticed and said that she had 6 bins in the basement of just those that she couldn't get out in time for the sale and perhaps I would like to go in the house and look through them. (This is when I started to do deep breathing.) Her father took me down to have a look.

As I was choosing we started talking and he commented about the styles I was picking. He asked if I liked the feedsack reproductions. I said I did and wished I could find feedsacks that were within my price range. He agreed that the prices being charged for them now were pretty outrageous. Then he said he was pretty sure there was a box of them somewhere if I was interested. (This is when the heart palpitations began.)
There were about 45 actual feedsacks in the box he located. I wound up buying 35. At the most reasonable prices I will ever see in this lifetime.

Keep scrolling down through the next two posts to see the rest.
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Stephanie said...

oh my gosh. Nothing like a shot of envy to start my morning. :)

Holy cow...that was such a score. The kind of sale we all dream awesome.

jacquie said...

oh my goodness...i've been scrolling back and forth and back and forth to look at it all over and over. WOW!