Thursday, December 18, 2008

thrifty thursday

Not sure I can call this first find thrifty, but I love it. A quilting friend called me last Friday morning to see if I was up for a quick trip to an estate sale that featured toy sewing machines and some vintage sewing supplies. Um... yes.
This was my favorite of the toy machines - it's red! Surprisingly, it was also the least expensive. (There was a darling pink one with the original box, but the price was shocking - to me anyway. Too expensive to sit on a shelf in Ellie's new room.)
These were more my speed for thrifting. Cute little accessories. That wheel is thread. I've never seen it sold like that. I bought the tiny spools thinking that eventually they might look cute with Ellie's doll stuff.

My friend pointed out these darners in shapes I've not seen before. The spring intrigued me. It's there to hold a piece taught and in place while being darned. The other has a partial sticker from the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago. I have a great pair of salt and pepper shakers that Chris' grandfather bought his grandmother when they were dating. Actually, I think courting is the more appropriate word.

This is a little boxed set of sewing books with a copyright from the late 20's. However, they're in such good shape that I can't help but wonder if they're reproductions (though I could find no reprint date on them anywhere). The slipcase totally drew me in. Even with my doubts, the price was low enough that I'd have bought them even if I knew they weren't old.

I'm off to try and chip away at my Christmas list. I have a feeling I'll be letting go of a lot of projects in the following week.
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be*mused jan said...

Ackkk! What finds! Who is this quilting friend who feeds you such gems?! Those darners are fabulous!!

Diane said...

Yeah, who is this friend and where was this estate sale? My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw the darners! I've been collecting them for years and have not encountered either of yours. You have an incredibly good eye and good luck for finding treasures!

monique said...

I found your blog through a blog I found on feeling stitchy, and you find of the mini silk embroidery thread is amazing! Silk was such an expense back then (still is). That is a true treasure, I wish I had been fortunate enough to find them.