Wednesday, December 24, 2008

mittens for my kittens

I'm knee deep in preparations around here. Not much to post that won't spoil a surprise, so here's something I made a few months ago. I finally reclaimed them from Ellie to take a picture. The ground in dirt is hidden on the underside.
They were made from a pattern I got at that infamous garage sale. The pattern calls for a country patchwork look (it dated from the mid-80's so I'm sure you can visualize it), but I skipped the whole piecing part of the project and just used whole fabric for all the parts. They're lined in flannel. Perfect for those cold fall mornings when she just needs a fleece jacket, but by the time school is out all her outerwear is stuffed in the backpack. Twill tape holds them in place through her sleeves.
I'll be posting more after the holiday when I can put some gifts up here as well as the big reveal (Ellie's new room that she's getting tomorrow).
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blackbird said...

I'm SO excited about Ellie's new room...when you post about it please let us know how you've kept it a secret all this time!