Wednesday, February 25, 2009

guest project

Even with all my complaining about that scarf yesterday, Norma still made me a present for my birthday. This was a special project that we planned out together to celebrate my fortieth. Those of you who know me are checking your math. Yes, I turned 43 this year. The extra 8 months I took on that scarf aren't bothering me so much anymore.
I love having friends who could care less when things show up. We just enjoy knowing someone was willing to make something with their own hands - however long it takes.
Norma knit the bag and then felted it. It's huge!! -Big enough to hold a magazine with my other stuff (great for sitting in a carpool lane). The polka dots are done in tapestry wool in a stitch that escapes me at the moment. It's sort of a spider web woven pattern. I love how they're raised off the surface.

Thank you so much, Norma!
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Anonymous said...

That bag looks awesome! love the green. Happy 40th Wendy!