Tuesday, February 24, 2009

hand rolled hem

Sorry, not a tutorial, just stating a fact.

This scarf was supposed to have been finished in July for Norma's birthday. We were out shopping and spotted this fabric that matched nearly half the things in her wardrobe. I offered (naively) to cut it into a square and finish the edges.

This fabric has a mind of its own. I thought getting it to lay still so I could cut it was hard. Then I tried to hand roll the hem. Good grief. It turned into one of those projects that get avoided at every turn, yet they taunt you each time you move a pile and see it peeking up at you.

I used the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing for my instructions on how to do the actual stitching. (I chose not to do it on the machine because I thought a hand finish would look more elegant.) The instructions were good, but until you develop a rhythm, it's slow going. I didn't find my groove until about halfway through the 3rd edge. The scarf measures about 36X36. That's a lot of practice.

So, after all my griping and months passing. Happy birthday, Norma! Next year we'll choose something machine stitched.

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be*mused jan said...

Oh. my. goodness. You do jump in with both feet, don't you?
Lovely scarf!

jacquie said...

what beautiful fabric! oh my...a hand rolled hem. you are good!

Badger said...

That scarf is GORGEOUS. And OMG, I have that book! The Reader's Digest book! I am so happy to know that someone who ACTUALLY SEWS thinks it's a good guide to have. Maybe someday I'll ACTUALLY SEW with it, too.