Tuesday, January 12, 2010

glenn's quilt

Remember that quilt I needed to have done before Christmas? Here it is and I'm happy to report, I made the deadline. Didn't even have to sew binding on Christmas Eve. Not that I've done that before... ; )
I'm sure many of you recognize the Lush line of fabrics. I added another polka dot to have one more print and, as you can see, many solids. The solids were generously given to me by a woman in my quilting group who will be downsizing soon and wanted to reduce her stash.

This all started because Glenn asked me for a fleece blanket for Christmas(he'd seen them rolled up at Target and Walmart). Seriously kid, you don't ask your mom, the quilter, for a cheapo fleece blanket for a gift. At least don't assume she'd actually buy one. Instead, I finally pulled out those gorgeous fabrics (also spurred on by Jacquie's Common Threads quilt for her son made with the same line). Jan came over for a last minute consultation before I began cutting and gave me reassurance that I could get it done - I started the cutting on the Sunday before Christmas. To give Glenn the softness he wanted, I backed the quilt with faux minkee. (I say faux minkee because it's not the actual brand. I bought it at Joann's. Their version isn't as plush or stretchy which worked to my advantage.)

Spray basting held it in place very well during the quilting process. In fact, the only place where I had a few tiny puckers was on the front of the quilt. All that's left to do is name it and put a label on the back. In the meantime, it's being put to good use on his bed.

He's happy, I'm happy.
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jenny said...

A great quilt! It is very visually interesting - my eyes kept moving across the different blocks and fabrics.

Molly said...

I was actually going with your enthusiasm...somewhat shocked that you were starting such a big project so close to Christmas. However, once again you stun me with your ability to pull a (finished) rabbit out of the hat! So happy that Glenn is happy with it!

Jan (who's using Molly's sign-in)

Carol said...

Love this! And good to know about the "minky" at Joann's. I love the feel but hate working with the stretch of the real stuff.

Barb said...

great quilt, I love the paint by numbers fabric
Lucky boy!

Anonymous said...

And he should be happy!
There is a world between this GREAT quilt and the cheap fleece blankets.
It's a beauty.

Rebekah said...

beautiful quilt! I love how this turned out! I've got some of this fabric line sitting at home and waiting to be used in a quilt