Friday, January 22, 2010

shedding a little light on my studio

I'm slowly working my way through the little projects down in my studio making it a more pleasant place to sew.
This fall, I tackled the space head on - moving most of the kids' toys to their rooms or getting rid of what no longer held their interest. Once that was done, a wall was repainted to a more neutral color from its previous jadite green. I'd had red accents down there as well which included several lampshades. They were fun, but cast a pink glow and made it difficult to work when I was trying to choose colors.
The new shades reflect the current neutral color palette.
(The lamp is from Land of Nod a few years ago.)
There are two vintage hobnail lamps sporting shades like this one.
(Natural linen covers the shade with black cotton twill covering where the linen ends and was glued inside the shade. The beaded fringe is from Tinsel Trading, but I couldn't find it on the current site. I bought it years ago.)

Someday I'll get around to finishing the space and put more pictures up here. Seems as soon as I get near done, I change my mind and start over.
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Barb said...

My husband would say I'm a lamp collector - I just love cute lamps and these are really cute!
Well done!

Anonymous said...

Hi...I finally mailed your fabric yesterday. You should get it in 2-3 days! Sorry it took so long...the list of life interruptions for me right now is very very long!!


ree said...

A change in lighting does such an amazing job of changing a room. I love those hobnail lamps.