Monday, January 18, 2010

thrifty thursday

Once I'd gotten over the excitement of that first box of treasures from Effie, another box arrived. In fact, Liz and Mary have sent three packages of treasures that were either collected by or made by Effie.
These are all the handkerchiefs they sent my way.
They said many of the pieces in the first and second photos were purchased fabric that was tatted around the edges by another woman who lived in town.

I love the pink edged one that has a few inches of white on it. I can just imagine the woman working on it, running out of pink and reaching for whatever she had on hand to finish it up.

These were clearly purchased or received as gifts.

On the (very long) list of quilts I'd like to make someday is a vintage hankie quilt. These will be saved for that project.
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