Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the series

The Christmas decorations are put away, but I managed to snap a few photos of the other Beatrix Potter Christmas pillows I've made over the years before they were stored until next December.
This one was stitched on linen - with an uneven weave. A bit of a mistake in fabric choice. It would have been fine for a smaller piece, but I thought counting all those threads would make me insane before I finished. Note that all the others are done on aida cloth. The two I've yet to make will also be done on an evenweave fabric.
My favorite so far because of the pinafores. Animals in clothing. What's not to love?

A little harder to see (I had to take the photos in the evening), but all the shades of green look wonderful on this one.

While all the colors in each of the designs makes for a lot of work - the one I just finished had 30 colors, most of which were some shade of brown - I think they all capture her watercolor shading beautifully. Sadly, I could find no name on the pattern to give credit to the artist that translated each of these paintings to stitchery.
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Suse said...

Oh my word they are stunning!

I was brought up on Beatrix Potter and remain slightly obsessed with all things Potterish, so these thrilled me.

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog for some time now and I came across several yards of Beatrix Potter fabric. I actually got most of a bolt for $3.00. If you would like some or would like me to send you a pic of it please email me at tghall_99@yahoo.com.....I really love your work!


Barb said...

These pillows are stunning!
I love needlepoint and cross-stiched pillows - beautiful!