Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day

Carol wants to know why I was buying spiders. Okay, they weren't real spiders. We were looking for the giant Halloween spiders in the clearance section. I'd like to have more to put in the spruce tree next to the house and on the front window. No luck though. That final item on the list made us laugh pretty hard. Or maybe it was exhaustion from all the Halloween activities and craft room organizing going on around here.
No pictures today. I'm taking advantage of some unseasonably warm and gorgeous weather (70's!) to sand those headboards for Ellie's room outside. There's no way to do it secretly so she's under the impression that I'm doing them for "a friend who doesn't know how to paint".
Tonight I'll be watching election returns while I fold more fabric and finish up laundry. Chris is the lucky one - he'll be downtown at the Obama rally.

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