Friday, November 21, 2008

have a cuppa

Pam, I hope we got together for coffee before this posts (I've been on blogger autopilot this week and am actually typing this on Monday morning). If not, Surprise!
I thought coffee cup holders would make cute gifts for girlfriends this year and began working out a pattern that would use a lot of scraps. The basic Starbuck's paper holder served as my template.
Piecing the body was easy. I dug into the button stash and made use of those often forgotten decorative stitches on my machine. However, I wanted a neat finish on the top and bottom.

Bias tape seemed like a great idea. It looks clean and I'm happy with the outcome, but it's unlikely I'll be doing the hand sewing required in the final step on anymore of these. (So Pam, you have a VERY limited edition.) I like to handsew, but this got tedious. Quickly.

Maybe I can turn down the edges of the exterior and lining and just sew them together with a decorative stitch. Hmmmm.
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Tuli said...

What a great idea! (Did you put any sort of insulator between the wonderful fabrics you chose?)

Rebekah said...

this is so cute! I really like the decorative stitching that you did between the fabrics.

blackbird said...

Genius. Of course. But I will say that it appears labor intensive.