Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Nothing could come close to making me as happy as yesterday's election results, but this puts on a smile on my face.
I finally finished laundering, folding and putting away all the new fabric acquisitions.
This is the closet in my basement sewing studio. It will never look this neat ever again, so I'm glad I have visual proof that it once was pristine. All the stuff in here is 1/2yd or larger cuts. (Fat quarters and scraps are kept elsewhere.) I put upholstery goods on the top shelf, most garment fabric fills the second shelf. From there on down, it's generally quilting cottons split up by color. The bolts are three yards or more of particular fabrics. Hidden in a basket behind them are some wool sweaters that have been felted and are waiting to be turned into something else.
These got their very own space.

Yes, I labeled the shelves. It's a sickness.
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Anonymous said...

Oh Martha you leave me breathless! You are certainly an inspiration. If only my craft area looked half this neat & tidy... I'm green with envy.

One Reader said...

What an inspiration you are. I only wish my area came any wherre close to that amount of tidy. I thought i could only drool so much when I stopped in to your site but more than your super fabric find this organization does it for me. *shivers*

Tuli said...

I need that kind of organization at my house.

Can I hire you? :)

Diane said...

I have an OCD spirit trapped inside the body of a slob! I can see both sides.

jacquie said...

i'm not sure i can find the words...i love fabric too.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I am in envy ofthe size of your stash!! It looks so beautifully arranged - i bet you could just sit and admire it! Love the placemat and napkin sets you have been making - the ric rac adds a fun touch! It is no surprise the pattern is such a great seller.

Rebekah said...

this is gorgeous! I am in awe :)