Wednesday, November 19, 2008

new craft alert

I promised myself I wouldn't buy yarns because I've banned myself from taking up knitting or crochet. I didn't make any promises about wool that hadn't been spun into a yarn.
I've had roving and hand felting needles for a bit. I've checked out project books from the library and still not given it a go. Last weekend I picked up a kit at the shop and that did the trick. Woolpets did a great job with the instructions and it helped so much that we had actual samples in the shop of how the finished project should look and feel.

There's enough wool and other supplies in the kit to make at least one more hedgehog and probably a baby sized one too.

The kids can't touch this one either. Not til I'm done cooing over her.
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jacquie said...

oh my gosh, it's darling. how big is it...he?...she?

Carol said...

This is adorable. Will it peek out of your Christmas tree branches?

Rebekah said...

so adorable! I love hedgehogs!