Friday, May 23, 2008

and the winner is...

I had some impartial judges overseeing the contest.

From cutting out the names and comments,

to putting them in the official drawing hat,

and the final drawing of the winning name...

At least I thought they were impartial. The winner is... Susie Sunshine! I think she bribed Trixie. Susie isn't above that, you know.

I really did feel sort of bad that a good friend won (not for her, but for all the other kind people, whom I've yet to meet, that stopped by to throw their name in the hat). Since I'll see Susie in July and I don't feel bad making her wait til I put together another batch of these for birthday gifts, I decided to draw another name.

And the second winner is... Julia! Julia, please contact me via my gmail address and give me your information. Congratulations!

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


Julia said...

WOW, that's cool! I'm so happy that I won that wonderful pencil roll! I'l e-mail you right away! Thank you so much!!! Julia

blackbird said...

Susie doesn't need to bribe Trixie - Trixie is a smart little tot.

(but she WOULD)

Susie Sunshine said...

Ha! Trixie had nothing to do with it!

You think I didn't bribe my sweet honey Glenn to print out copies of just MY comment and then have Ellie make sure they were the only ones in the hat?!

However, I graciously concede to Julia who seems like a very nice non-pushing type winner. Congrats!