Monday, May 19, 2008

little miss crabbypants

My children could have told you that was true, but now I've made it official.

The students in my class this past Saturday inspired me. (They were awesome and got through so much of their projects during class.) I decided it was time to get out some of the linen I've stashed and make clothes that I could actually wear during the current season. Usually I buy the fabric and pattern, watch it sit for a few months, and then finally put it away when I realize that if I do make it at that point, I'll have only a few weeks to wear it before the seasons change.

So pulling out this embroidered linen that I got for a song at a Joann's clearance sale ($1 or $2/yd) and actually turning it into something in two days was a small miracle. I live in cropped linen pants all summer. Very easy pattern to use - Vogue 7883. In fact, I'm nearly finished with the top that also comes in the pattern (being made in an entirely different color - not to be worn with the pants). It has some side seam pockets that are simple to put in. And don't let that "two days to sew it" make it seem hard. I never cut out a pattern and sew it in the same day. That's why it took two days. (I HATE cutting out patterns and fabric so I tend to cut out a bunch all in one evening and set them aside in piles for later sewing.)

Looking forward to wearing them in Maine very soon.

If you haven't entered the contest from last Friday,scroll down and leave a comment on that post. You have til this Friday at midnight to enter. The kids will pull a winning name over the weekend.


blackbird said...

Those are darn cute.

Susie Sunshine said...

Oooh, I'd live in those.

Rebekah C said...

cute and comfy! a perfect pair!