Thursday, May 22, 2008

procrastination or memory lapse?

I found this bracelet, completely strung, in my beading supplies when I went looking for my pliers earlier this week. It still had the little clamps on it and I discovered it only needed to have the wires crimped near the clasp. (The clamps were keeping it from falling apart before it got crimped.)

Why on earth would I have not finished it it? It took all of 5 seconds to do. I can't even remember putting it in there, though I vaguely remember putting it together. The smaller painted beads were bought on our first adoption trip to China and have the double happiness character on them.

No sense wondering at this point. I'll just enjoy wearing it. Finally.

Also, I didn't really put a time on the contest deadline. So, if you haven't entered, you have until my children arrive home from school tomorrow - 3:00pm Chicago time. I'll try to post the winner later that night.

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