Tuesday, May 5, 2009

crosses mourning quilt

I'm seeing a connection with the weather and blogging here - if it's nice I want to work in the yard and can ignore the computer for days. If it's rainy and crummy I want to hole up inside sewing and can ignore the computer for days. Seems the blog suffers no matter what the weather.
Plenty's been done around here, but I've yet to stop and take photos. Here's a little project that was given as a gift before I could take a picture and post it. It's from the time I started blogging when my addiction to doll quilts - specifically all the quilts in this book - began.
It's about 24 X 24. Machine pieced and quilted.

With any luck I'll get around to taking those pictures this week and put some fresh stuff up. There's another doll quilt in the works from that same book. The addiction continues.
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