Thursday, May 7, 2009

thrifty thursday

Recently our town had its "spring cleaning" day. That means you can put pretty much anything out on trash pickup day and it'll get hauled away without the need for extra stickers on it.
Chris calls it "The Great Crap Exchange" because we all check out each other's junk piles. In fact, the entire week stuff is put out on the curb and people from all over come through with pickups to garbage pick. (Poppy can attest to this phenomenon - I know it happens in her town too.)
I was restrained this year. Stray chairs seem to follow me home. This year it was just one. After a serious bath, this color came through.
It's a little rickety for me, but seats a hedgehog just fine(he came from a local garden center). It may hold a pot as the season progresses.
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Kristin said...

What a great find! And I love that hedgehog. Where did you find it?

Poppy said...

Our Crap Exchange was ruined this year--it rained all week long, so people didn't put out nearly as much stuff. I had a sofa to put out, too. POUT.

Wendy said...

Email me and I can give you information on the hedgehog.