Tuesday, May 26, 2009

dharma eco-bags

Long weekends totally throw me off. I keep thinking it's Monday - the day I meant to post these. That and I'm cleaning like crazy because Carol arrives tomorrow!!

Dharma Eco Bags - pattern by Serendipity Studios.
I'll be teaching this class in two weeks for those of you who are local.

This pattern is unlike any other tote I've put together. They're constructed like plastic grocery sacks with the same side pleating(which you can see a little better below). The handles open the same way as well. Pictured are the small size (good for a lunch which is why I put a coordinating napkin with the model), and the largest. It's HUGE. The medium is more of a standard plastic bag size. Both are lined.

Each tucks into the pocket on the front so they store very nicely. In fact, the pocket on the large size is roomy enough to tuck another folded down bag inside it.

No idea if I'll get around to posting tomorrow. I'll try to sneak one in between our thrifting and gabbing and me forcing her to go through my wardrobe to help purge stuff.
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MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

So adorable!

Will you be there on Thursday? Of course you will! I will see you!

Stephanie said...

I love the little elastic on the pocket and these fabrics!! so cute.

Have fun with your friend!

Tuli said...

I NEED some of those bags! They're the perfect size to tuck in a handbag!

I'm off to buy that pattern since I'm not local and can't take your class.