Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ironing day

The week is half gone. How did that happen?
I've definitely been working around here - either outside planting stuff (or sitting there looking at what I've planted and enjoying the warm weather) or in my studio.
This project was finished last week. New ironing board covers - three of them. The fabric was bought a few years ago and saved for something sewing related. As it turns out, it's perfect for the new direction I'm going in that room - neutral colors - whites, linen and black. The print has vintage patterns and advertisements on it.
This ironing board is the best one I've ever owned (from costco)- it's extra wide which is great for ironing fabric yardage or quilt tops and has a sleeve board for garment sewing. I'd made a new cover for it about a year ago, but one of the kids knocked the iron over (it was turned off) and the water in it ran out and bled the fabric dye all over. (Yes, I had prewashed and dried that fabric before using it for the project.) I also added more padding to the board with some quilt batting remnants this time.
This is the third board that got a cover. Jan passed this antique toy board on to us for the girls. After looking at it closely, I saw that it was padded well enough to really use it. I suppose back in the day, the toy ironing boards really did get used, not just as toys to be like mom, but to actually help with the chores. I also discovered that it's the perfect height to sit next to my sewing machine with the travel iron(not the one in the picture - that really is a toy) and use for pressing small blocks. Great for log cabin piecing where you have to press each piece before moving on to the next. The regular ironing board is across the room, not exactly an expidition to get up and get to it, but that gets old fast when you have to press every 30 seconds or so.
Jan, I promise the girls still play with it.

All of the board covers have a drawstring in them so they can come off for laundering.
I'm hoping I'll have more pictures of my space to show you soon. I've been working on it for ages and I just kept moving things around because it wasn't working yet. I think I've got a good arrangement now, but it needs paint, some design walls and possibly new curtains. Soon.
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Badger said...

Oooh! I can't wait to see!

Now that I'm sewing again (sorry, that should be "sewing" in my case) I've remembered how much I hate IRONING. And my iron's auto-off feature can BITE ME. Argh.

be*mused jan said...

Looking good! I never thought to use that little board myself!
Did you get the wall board yet? Sounds like it's all falling into place. Feels great, doesn't it?

blackbird said...

Remind me to never let you see my ironing board.

MsCellania said...

I'm still in the moving-stuff-around stage wtih my sewing room. I sew in there, but it's an effort.
This summer, I hope to have a bona fide sewing room, not just a room where lots of stuff gets dumped. There's also a Pilates reformer in there, which eats up a huge amount of space.