Thursday, May 7, 2009

dan the dog

I promised Glenn I'd post this for him. He's been eyeing the projects in the Softies book for some time now. After seeing all the pieces involved in this one, he asked if he could use my machine to speed up the process (all his previous projects have been accomplished by hand sewing or with glue).
I'd be lying to say I wasn't nervous. I've had several women sew their own fingers in class, so the thought of a trip to the ER with him worried me a bit. Turns out I was completely off base. He had great control over the foot pedal and took the details nice and slow. (Let's hope he handles the gas pedal of the car the same way in 4 or 5 years.)
He edgestitched every bit of the face. (I put an open toe embroidery foot on the machine to give him greater visibility.) Because he was using felt, I thought he'd just edgestitch the body too, but he informed me that he wanted it to look neat and have "all that stuff" on the inside. A lesson in clipping curves followed.
There's even a personalized collar he made with more felt and a button, but that seems to have gone missing somewhere in his bedding.

I've been wanting the tree in that book. I think I might commision it.
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Tuli (not really) said...

Glenn! You talented guy, you! Dan is fantastic. :)

Wendy: tree is adorable! I haven't been tempted to try that one yet. I made the whale (sans look-out) the other day. What fun!


Rebekah said...

This is so cute! I love the eyes and the facial expression!

Glenn...I see a future in softie creating for you