Monday, June 29, 2009

garage sale - the sequel

As promised - goodies from the quilter's garage sale:
I have far too much to put in one post or to post only on Thrifty Thursdays, so I'll just put stuff up as I get around to taking pictures.
Jan accompanied me on this trek after tales of what I bought in the fall. We spent a fair amount of time there in the morning and came home with what I thought was a terrific bag of finds. Later in the day I got a call on my cell phone from Jan. She had returned in the afternoon to see what else had been added (the husband and daughter are continually putting more out as each day progresses). There was a large box of vintage piecework, she had bought some of it, but thought I might be interested in some and even better - there were more feedsacks. After begging her to go back and ask them to put those aside for me til I could return, I broke a landspeed record getting from my house to theirs.
The feedsacks were a no brainer (and I'll put pictures of them up another day). As I sorted through the box of piecework my head started spinning. There was so much and I didn't even know where to begin making decisions. The husband remembered me from the fall and he began telling me where they had bought various things, and which he knew Shirley had worked on herself. After a few minutes, he said I should make an offer on the whole box. We agreed on a price and it all came home with me.
I have a lot of quilt tops waiting to be put together.
6 pointed stars. 188 of them. (That's a plastic shoebox full.) Some are hand pieced, some are done partially by machine. All have a wonky quality about them - not too many seams line up in the center of the stars. I believe these were purchased by the late owner at an antique shop and were not done by her, but I need to check with her husband.
These are what made my heart sing. 192 pieced string quilt blocks. They're machine or hand sewn to a paper base. The size is about that of an index card. Norm told me he learned to iron on these blocks. As Shirley would sew, he pressed.

The fabrics thrill me. Each one averaged about 9 pieces.
Tomorrow, more on the string quilt blocks.
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Quilt crazy said...

How wonderful...makes me wonder about what will happen to my stash and unfinished projects some day! Enjoy!