Saturday, June 6, 2009

the kids

It's been a big spring for Ellie. She had her Age of Reason ceremony at church last Sunday. Godparents, Norma and Chip, were in attendance. Behind her is their gift - some perennial grasses for our garden. We put them in later that day. They were a fitting gift for a kid who put "everytime we take a step the earth changes, so we should take care of it" in her belief statement. She's also excited that they'll grow taller than her.
Trixie had her last day of preschool this week. It was also field day. She looks totally unimpressed with it in the picture, but I took the photo at the end of the morning. I think she was a little pooped by then.

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littlemissme said...

Hmm...a quick googling of "age of reason ceremony" gave me both Mormon and Catholic references. Would you mind telling me what it is?

(I love reading about your crafts. I crafted often with my mother when I was a little girl and now you have me thinking I should craft with MY little stinkpot.) :)