Tuesday, June 16, 2009

wall pockets (courtesy of carol)

The rain here is making picture taking for new projects difficult.
Today I have a cute guest project from the lovely Carol, frequent commentor and friend from college-
She brought me a set of three for my studio on her last visit. They're now hanging on the side of a cabinet ready to hold the makings of a current project for each kid. Glenn's has some felt pieces from his "ninja softie" project inside. Ellie's has her fairy doll kit in hers. I've no idea what's stuffed in Trixie's at the moment.
Seems only fair to give them each a landing place for their current project since I've slowly taken over even more of the basement playroom.
The bags measure about 8X8 and are 2 inches deep with a cute little patch pocket on the front(in one of my favorite fabrics, no less!). Carol, if you have any info for the pattern please put it in the comments.
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Carol said...


This is the pattern. I have made a number of them as gifts; for nieces with a picnic set inside, for teachers with classroom stuff in them.